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Conducting a Job Interview: Getting it Right

written by Business Beetle

Recruiting staff is a huge step in the journey of any business, whether you’re a start-up or multinational corporation. Hiring employees can be a massive financial burden if not done right. As a result, we’ve listed our top tips to keep in mind when it comes to conducting a job interview.

Review the Candidate’s Work History

Review everything the candidate has submitted to date: resume, cover letter and any additional materials. Also, make a note of any areas needing clarification. Quirky job titles, gaps in work history or hobbies may reveal aspects of the candidate’s personality which could have a bearing on job performance.

Once you’ve made a note of these, prepare some questions so you don’t forget to ask during the job interview.

Prepare Key Interview Questions

Write down the questions you intend to ask. Then, develop your questions from the areas of the candidate’s background that deserve the most attention based on the job description and your hiring criteria. It’s handy to have the list of questions during the interview. Also, be sure to maintain eye contact with the candidate during the conversation too.

Involve Key Members of Staff

When making any big decision, it’s important to seek counsel from others. So, invite a few trusted colleagues to help you interview.

Having three people interview the candidate such as the directors, the manager or a senior HR member of staff can have great results. By involving your peers and letting them have an input on who is hired, it can lead them to have an increased sense of ownership of the hire and have greater reasons to help that person succeed.

Involving other members of staff also helps protect your office culture. By ensuring other members of staff are in the interview, you can get a better judgement of whether they would fit in well with the team. If you don’t get the culture right from day one you could lose core members of your team. Companies with the right culture can outperform everyone else – ensuring the same values are adhered to across your whole team can make or break a company.

Be Clear on Following Up

Whether it’s by email or phone, follow up to let candidates know whether they got the job. This is one more way of extending a professional courtesy and gives the job interview process closure.

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