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Dealing with Ego Conflict in the Workplace

written by Business Beetle

The first thing to understand is that clashes of ego in the workplace is a reality. We can either live with it, ignore it or deal with it. We are often faced with conflict from early on in our careers but managing conflict, especially in relation to ego  clashes, is a key skill for effective management and can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful manager. Here are some effective tips for dealing with ego-conflict in the workplace:

  1. Review Responsibility Roles

When two workers are given incompatible roles at the same time, this lack of clarity in worker’s objectives and expectations can create tension between the employees and result in ego clashes.

  1. Review Communication

Good communication is vital. Conversations between the employer, immediate boss and employees should be regular to ensure issues can be raised and discussed informally. These regular discussions should help raise awareness about any issues and resolve them early before they get out of hand.

  1. Review Pairing of Team Members

A poor pairing of team members proves detrimental to the overall health of the organisation. You need to remember that employees come from various walks of life, all with their own set of values, ideas and principles. Don’t ignore the fact that we don’t all get on – human beings are complex!

  1. Don’t be Dismissive

By ignoring or burying your head in the sand, this will make matters worse. It will also likely lead to staff not sharing issues and matters will fester in the workplace.

Be a good listener when staff come to you with their grievances, and take on board what they say. Try to let them speak without interrupting or telling them off. It is important they have the opportunity to explain their views.



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