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Five Ways To Improve Communication

written by Business Beetle

Communication, whether you’re in a small or growing business is vital to ensuring tasks are set, targets are met and expectations are achieved. When there’s a breakdown in communication, it can have disastrous effects on productivity and growth of the company.

Below we have written our top 5 tips for improving communication in the workplace:

Double Check your Message Before you Hit Send

Spell and grammar checkers are lifesavers, but they are not foolproof. Double check what you have written, to make sure that your words are communicating the intended message. Also, it’s always important to double check the spellings of names, especially to the person you are addressing the email to. Attention to detail is vital, especially when messaging a client or customer.

Write Things Down

Take notes while you are talking to another person or when you are in a meeting, and do not rely on your memory. Often, you can end up forgetting little snippets of valuable information if they aren’t written down.

Send a follow-up email to make sure that you understand what was being said during the conversation.

Sometimes, it’s Better to Pick up the Phone

If you find that you have a lot to say, instead of sending an email, call the person instead. Email is great, but sometimes it is easier to communicate what you have to say verbally.

Body Language Matters

This is important for face-to-face meetings as well as video conferencing. Make sure that you appear accessible, so have open body language. This means that you should not cross your arms. And keep eye contact so that the other person knows that you are paying attention and actively listening.

Think Before you Speak

Always pause before you speak, not saying the first thing that comes to mind. This works well in meetings. Take a moment and pay close attention to what you say and how you say it. This one habit will allow you to avoid embarrassments or coming across in a manner you don’t mean.

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