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How To Ensure You Don’t Lose Your Company Culture As You Grow

written by Business Beetle

For many companies, company culture feels like a family. You spend more time at work than at home so it’s inevitable that you build relationships with your colleagues. A sign of a healthy company is that colleagues get along and laugh with each other.

Whilst businesses expand, it can often mean that company culture can get damaged. However, company culture is what makes a business great, it means your personality shines through to your customers and gives you an enjoyable place to work. We’ve curated a short list of things that we suggest avoiding in order to maintain a strong company culture.

Don’t merge everybody into one singular team

Keep teams small. Nurture strengths and develop weaknesses. Establishing smaller teams within a company allows you to set personalised, individual targets that are tracked easily. Stronger relationships develop within smaller teams which in turn benefits the entire companies culture. Even as you grow, don’t abolish small teams. Small teams mean employees feel more connected and don’t feel bombarded.

Don’t hire somebody just because they look good on paper

It’s a good idea to have thoughts on the type of person you want to hire. Strip back from business factors such as skills and experience and think about things such as personality, work ethic and how you want somebody to influence your team. It’s easy for somebody to tick the right boxes on paper, but to nurture a team you need to make the right additions to it.

Stop thinking about your ego

Make sure that you socialise and mingle with different groups in your company. Don’t stick to those in higher positions or people who have been with you years. Include interns, admin staff and new starters. People like to feel valued and like the big boss’s care about them. It will do wonders for both your company culture and the overall productivity.

Stay focused whilst your business is growing, it can only keep growing if you stay grounded. Focus on elements of your company such as respect, equality and opportunities for everybody. Give access for ideas to be put forward to you so that every single member of your team feels that they are valued. This also gives you direct insight into the thought processes of your employees and the direction that they envision for your company.

Encouraging your employees to use the ‘open-door policy’ leaves them able to feel that you’re always available to them, that you’ve always got time. It can often take a lot for somebody to knock on their boss’s door with something, so be sure to welcome this from the team.

Don’t make too many disruptions to office traditions

Small businesses often have traditions and rituals that the office lives by religiously. Whether it’s after-work drinks on a Tuesday or ordering takeout for lunch on a Friday – stick to it. Making sure these things keep happening gives everybody a sense of consistency and togetherness.

By doing things which include everybody, it can help to prevent the development of cliques and segregation between departments.

As your company expands, things are inevitably going to change. Your company culture shouldn’t suffer though. It’s your job to ensure that you still have a well-connected group of staff who enjoy coming to work every day. Your company culture should reflect the companies vision and help to drive into the next steps.

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