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Managing Absences During the 2018 World Cup

written by Business Beetle

With the World Cup around the corner a recent survey that found that almost half of SME owners and managers in the UK are concerned that the World Cup will have a negative impact on their business.

A report by FootballTips.com found that UK businesses are set to lose £13bn during the 2018 World Cup in Russia due to unauthorised staff absences. After polling over 2,000 UK workers, experts at FootballTips.com, all respondents admitted they had at least some interest in the upcoming World Cup in Russia and planned to follow the games live.

When asked how many days off they planned to take off from work during the tournament, the average answer given was seven days. While many workers will abide by workplace rules and use their annual leave entitlement, a significant number were already plotting unauthorised absences. The average number of unauthorised absences expected for each football fan was four days.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible for businesses to increase annual leave entitlement to allow for these events, but there have been other suggested alternatives…

  • Flexible working – allow staff time off at certain games
  • Shift Swaps – for employees who aren’t that bothered about sports
  • Screening at work – showing the big games at work, boosting work morale and pleasing staff in return

Another top tip for managing and encouraging employee engagement during the World Cup is to:

  • put up special decorations in the office, such as flags of the countries involved;
  • relax dress codes, including allowing football shirts to be worn; and
  • provide refreshments during games.

Whatever your approach as an employer, ensure that your staff know the rules of engagement, absence policies and codes of conduct well in advance of the World Cup.

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