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National Picnic Month – Why You Should Think About Holding a Corporate Picnic

written by Business Beetle

Working more than 7-8 hours a day can stress people out, weekends are the only time when most working men and women get to spend the whole day with their families and loved ones. Refreshing your mind is really necessary at all times, and the time spent with your friends and family provides you with the boost that can get you through the next week.

In order to show appreciation and gratitude, you sometimes need more than words of encouragement. You need to show through actions that you care for your employees and are thankful for the hard work they have put in your organization to make it successful and prosperous. With July being National Picnic Month, why not try out a corporate picnic?

An office picnic should be a time for fun and adventure and all of your employees must be invited. It is a great time for bonding and building better understanding with each other. Discussions related to work must be discouraged by the organizers and business should not be talked about when you are supposed to be having fun.

When planning the venue, you must make sure that it does not hinder in any of your employees’ schedule. Some people tend to have weekend plans well in advance or may have a wedding or any other prior commitment so don’t be discouraged if some can’t make it.

The benefits of hosting a company picnic last far beyond a single day of warm weather, great food and smiling faces.  Your employees remember what you give them, and they take their newly founded relationships and happy memories with co-workers with them week after week.

Some only see company picnics as an expense, but when you really think about what they can do for you and your staff, it seems silly not to make the investment!

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