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A cautionary tale for the small business owner…(based on real-life)

So, you wanted to start a business. You took it from concept to reality, after producing operational and financial plans to satisfy ‘the powers that be’ (bank, tax and clients). Your aims were simple: to please the customer and to grow your profits annually. Success arrived. Before you knew it, you had a thriving enterprise. You became an employer. You had staff who supported your vision.

However, things moved fast. You downloaded an employment contract from the Internet and filled-in the blanks. You discussed team expectations and all seemed well. The growth continued apace but you discovered rapidly that increasing amounts of your time were being absorbed by a continual run of ‘people issues’. There is always one. That team member, who’s actions start to affect the team. Despite assurances and numerous ‘you need to do better’ meetings, the hoped-for improvements did not materialise. It was time to act…except the employee beat you to the gun and resigned.

You worried about it. You had paid for training on the promise of a payback. Worse yet, they had copied some of the firm’s IP. Surely the Internet-grabbed employment contract might hold some water? It didn’t. There was no protection. You had good reason to be concerned.

Petaurum Solutions is your ‘First Assist’ expert in providing all manner of personnel management support to small companies. By working with you to produce mutually beneficial but, above all, clear and relevant employment contracts, while we cannot warrant that the above example would never happen, at least you would have policies and processes that align with expectations and provide an audit trail of meetings and agreements. Perhaps more vital, you would have the confidence to know the next course of action. The bottom-line is to help you to achieve the right outcome for your business and result in less personal (or financial) strain.

To discover how Petaurum Solutions can support your business economically, Mary from our team is waiting for your call on 07495 412970 or email Mary@petaurumsolutions.co.uk

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