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Pre-Employment Screening: Get to Know Your Candidates

written by Business Beetle

After the long hiring process, welcoming a new employee to the team is a great feeling. But what if it transpires that they are not who they claim to be? Employers may find themselves in a precarious situation.

While the default reaction may be to just take a candidate at their word, this can prove to be dangerous for your business. Pre-employment screenings exist to prevent business owners and hiring managers from trusting a candidate blindly. These screenings allow businesses to verify information that a candidate may have already disclosed. Whether it’s in regards to work experience, education or even their criminal record.

Here are our five top tips to help protect your business, and current employees:

  1. Identity Verification 

    Ensuring the candidate is who they say they are is a vital starting point for a robust pre-employment screening. As well as the standard comparative checks of the candidate against their documentation, you can also verify their documents as genuine and valid.

  2. Confirm and Record Right to Work Checks

    By confirming an applicant’s right to work in the UK, this can save your business a very costly and time consuming mistake.

  3. Check Relevant Criminal and Industry Databases

    These checks can help employers to make safer recruitment decisions. Helping to prevent unsuitable people in regulated industries from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

  4. Confirm educational qualifications

    Some candidates may embellish the truth, or outright lie to impress a prospective employer. Just because they have a certificate, does not mean it is genuine. Making sure that their claims are truthful means that you can be confident of their knowledge and skills.

  5. Collate the required references

    Receiving references that confirm a candidate’s history and background will help identify any fraudulent claims or gaps in activity. This will help to highlight areas of concern with any potential candidate.

Hiring employees can be a massive financial burden if not done right. As a result, we’ve listed our top tips to keep in mind when it comes to hiring which you can read here.

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