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Technology Essentials for Small Businesses

written by Business Beetle

For a small business there’s a lot to think about, from costs to processes. However, in an increasingly technology focused society, technology should be high on the list of priorities. Whether it’s an online store or financial software, there’s lots to think about. Here we’ve outlined the things which we believe are essential for a small business where technology is concerned.


Websites are fast becoming an essential for businesses, small businesses and larger ones alike. They allow you to put your brand in front of your target audience, as well as unsuspected prospect customers, too.

Invest in your website to ensure the quality is there. A bad website is worse than not having one. The design needs to be on point as well as the function of the site. We recommend the following:

  • Easy to navigate
  • User friendly
  • The appropriate information
  • Easy to find contact details
  • Strong, consistent branding
  • Use of images and videos

Where we’d strongly suggest a professional web developer, there are a number of companies who host websites and allow you to build them in simple steps.

A website isn’t a static entity, it pays to continuously invest in the development of your site as your business grows. From the build of the site to the ‘behind the scenes’ actions, such as SEO.

Social Media

By using social media effectively, you’re able to build strong brand awareness and communicate your personality to your audience. The visual nature of social media allows you to display what you do and interact with potential customers. The use of video in social media is becoming increasingly popular and is proven to engage users.

The informal and personal nature of social media appeals to people and gives you an invaluable opportunity to spread the word about your brand and what you do.

By investing small amounts into paid ads, you’re able to target specific demographics to create leads and put your brand in front of the right people. Age, gender, location and interests are all demographics that you can precisely target. For example, a hairdresser in Leeds who’s trying to promote an offer for treatments for those over 50. You could target Leeds as a location, 50+ as an age and female as gender. This way the paid ad would hit the right people.

It is important to work out which social media channel is the most appropriate for your business. If you do something with visual results, such as a florist, Instagram or YouTube might be best for you. If your company publishes a lot of articles or blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a good starting point.

Video Calling Programme

Sometimes it’s hard to get everybody in one place. Travel times, other commitments and time differences mean that sometimes it’s just not possible. However, creating and sustaining strong client relationships is vital to a successful business.

Video calls take the hassle out of meetings and are a great way to communicate with clients. More personal than phone calls and emails, video calls make business a lot easier. You can carry out important tasks, conduct discussions and ensure everybody is happy from the comfort of your office.

Accounting Software

This both saves money and increases the production of your business. Efficient and essential are two words we’d use to describe accounting software. Quick and often automated, your accounting actions are made simple. All of your data is stored in one place which means you can keep a check on bills, invoices and client payments without having to sort through a heap of paperwork.

Accounting software ensures that you can easily manage payroll and employee information. Usually accounting software automates payroll with easy access to edit it at any time. Not worrying about paying your employees or whether a client has paid you gives you time to focus your efforts on building your business!

Digital Filing System

For many businesses, space is limited. Having a digital filing system allows you to store more files and use less space. As well as saving space, digital filing systems allow you to locate files within seconds rather than searching through piles of paperwork.

Digital filing systems also allow you to share files via email or link with those than need the information. This makes transferring files to your accountant, colleagues or anybody else quick and simple.  There’s no need to photocopy, no need to worry about posting them and no need to fret about them being lost or ruined.

So there are the aspects of technology that we think should be top of the list when it comes to small businesses. We think that these pieces of technology are a great foundation to an efficient and successful business. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever your circumstances, these should help to take your business in the right direction.



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