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The Quick and Easy Guide to Writing a Press Release

written by Business Beetle

Press releases are an ideal and easy way to get out the word about your business’s announcement. Whether it’s a building project, upcoming event, new milestone or a promotion. Putting together a press release can easily be done by yourself or a member of your team. Here are 5 tips for writing a press release effectively:

  1. Write an Eye-Catching Headline

Journalists and news reporters get hundreds of emails, tweets and messages daily. To make your press release stand out from the crowd, you need a catchy but informative headline. Keep your headline to less than six or seven words ideally—and make sure it contains the most important piece of information. Often times it can be the headline that will decide whether a press release will get read or dumped.

  1. Remember the Five W’s

An effective press release needs to answer the what, when, who, where and why. What is happening? Where and when? Why is it happening? Who’s involved? A good press release must include this information. Without it, the reader will be left asking questions, and your press release will struggle to get published.

  1. Include a Quote

Quotes always add that extra ‘oomph’ to a press release. Whether it’s from the company director, or the events coordinator, make sure the quote sounds real. Keep it short and succinct, read it aloud to make sure it sounds like it’s something somebody would say.

  1. Include Contact Information

You need to make it easy for the reporter to contact you for more information or if he or she has additional questions. Be sure to include your contact name, email, and phone number, or include that information for a key person involved with the company’s news.

  1. End on the Right Note

Press releases traditionally end with three ###s. It signifies to the reporter that the release has come to an end. By including that, you’re demonstrating to the reporter that you understand how news releases work and he or she is bound to take you more seriously.

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