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Tips for Boosting Employee Engagement to Drive Productivity

written by Business Beetle

Knowing whether your employees really enjoy going to work is a question worth asking. The degree to which employees are engaged with their job has a direct impact on their productivity, loyalty and absences. This can in turn affect company profitability.

Below, Business Beetle has listed our top 4 tips to drive employee engagement and productivity.

Survey Your Employees Regularly

Promote the sharing of ideas, suggestions and improvements by asking for feedback in a variety of ways, such as a ‘suggestion box’ initiative, or – more difficult, but more rewarding – fostering a culture of honest feedback.

There are loads of free survey makers out there for you to get employee feedback, whether you send out these surveys monthly, 6-monthly or quarterly is up to you.

Empower Employees More

A guaranteed way to disengage staff is to let them feel underused. Engaged employees are those who are given the opportunity to adequately use their skills, and are encouraged to stretch those skills in order to progress.

Talk to your employees about their career plan. Does their current role make full use of their strengths and abilities? If not, come up with a plan to expand the role description. Is their career moving in the direction they desire?

 Identify Internal Growth Plans

It may seem obvious but giving employees a clear understanding of their role in the business needs to extend beyond a written job description when they join. By ensuring that your company maintains good performance management, employees can start to appreciate their own role within the bigger picture of the organisation.

If you’re not investing in people, you’re not investing in the future of your business.

While many business leaders shy away from “people stuff,” it’s actually one of the most – if not the single most – important aspects of your business.

Be More Flexible

It’s essential to realise how much of a difference that flexibility can have on an employee’s engagement and performance level.

There are plenty ways to show this. Whether you want to allow employees to work from home, take mental health or personal days if need be. As long as employees get the work done that they’re supposed to, there should be little to worry about. This goes a long way in ensuring there’s mutual trust for both employer and employee.


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