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Top Tips: Creating Content that Delivers

written by Business Beetle

In the world of online marketing, you’ve probably heard the term ‘content is king’. Business owners and/or marketers should never underestimate the truth behind that statement. Your content strategy is the backbone of your online marketing. The only way to drive traffic to your website is by creating innovative, clever content that users want to engage with. If your content fails to engage your audience, your business could be in danger of failing. Online is everything in today’s world and getting it wrong will cost you massively.

A common assumption is that content is purely what’s published on your website. Think beyond your website, it’s what you put out on social channels, on your blog and within your advertisements online too. Upping your game and featuring guest blogs (and writing them), using video and engaging with other online accounts is are all part of your content strategy. These factors will bring you more online prospects, exposure and most importantly conversions. Here are our top tips to creating engaging content that your target audience will want to engage with.

You vs. Them

Every business has competitors. Whether it’s one or many, there’s always someone in the same market as you doing something very similar. Everybody in their industry wants to be at the top, in today’s technological society, online marketing is often what defines a brand. Look at your competitors, what does their online content look like? What are they talking about? Look at what performs well for them and what their audience engages with the most. Investigate every platform they publish on. Look at their blog, at their social media, their website and anywhere else that they appear online. If you’ve hit a wall and are struggling to create content ideas, emulate what your identified competitors are publishing. We’re in no way suggesting to copy directly but make a list of topics they’re discussing that are gaining good interaction and try and create something from that.

Keywords Matter

If you’re already working on your online marketing, you’ll probably have a Google AdWords account. If you haven’t signed up, we suggest doing so straight away. Once you’ve signed in/up the next step is to research the top keywords for your market/industry. Once you’ve identified these, begin creating content around them. This way you know that the content you’re producing is of interest to your audience and will likely answer questions they’ve got surrounding your business. There’s no point in ploughing out content based on what you think your audience wants to know. Do the research and find out what they’re actually searching for.

A mistake that a lot of people make is to overfill their content with the keywords that they’ve found. If every other word in your content is a keyword, it won’t take your audience, or the search engines, to figure out what you’re up to! Your audience will become unengaged with your content and the message you’re trying to project which will result in low conversion rates. Keywords should feature only a few times in your content and be sure to use variants of them to make your writing appear more natural.

Invest in Your Topic Tools

The internet is jam-packed with tools for online marketing. If you’ve previously been put off by paying for them, it may be time to revisit this option. To create genuinely effective content, it’s likely you’ll need to invest some time and money into the research behind it.

Tools like Buzzsumo allow you access to the topics trending for your market. Whether you’re an accountant, a cleaning company or a hotel owner Buzzsumo is able to tell you exactly what your target market are currently engaging with. As well as the topics, it’s able to tell you the most effective hashtags to use as well as influencers working within your niche.  It may seem like an unnecessary expense to start with, but the results that you’ll receive will soon make up for it.

Sharing and Engaging to Convert

Once your content is produced, finalised and published never forget to share it onto your social media profiles. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest don’t underestimate the results that social shares can bring to your conversion rates. Social media is powerful, with more than a billion users on Facebook alone, it’s a great hub for communicating with your audience. As well as this, social media is a direct way of sending traffic to your website, through analytics you can see how much traffic social media is sending to your website.

Take note of users who are engaging with your content and in turn you need to be engaging with them. Don’t waste the opportunity to engage with users who are responding to your content. These people are potential customers and could bring your business a lot of work. They are engaging with your social posts because they’re interested in them and are drawn to your brand. They want to know about what you do, don’t ignore them! Push them towards your services and/or landing pages to give them access to more information that they’re likely to be seeking. More and more companies are reporting gaining new business from customers that they’ve engaged with on social media. If you fail to engage with those engaging with your social posts, it’s likely that they’ll search for another company doing what you do and will spend their money elsewhere.

Get the Professionals In

Creativity and marketing isn’t everybody’s thing. Creativity can be encouraged but not taught. If you struggle to write creatively and produce appealing imagery and videos, it may be time to hand the bat over to somebody who knows what they’re doing. More importantly, digital marketing agencies enjoy creating online content which shows in the material that they produce. You don’t want to be promoting half-hearted content. Your audience will sense it, truly effective content is always that that’s been produced carefully and that is driven by thought.

When you use a digital marketing agency, you’re not only gaining quality content. You have access to their experience and expertise. Building a relationship with a digital marketing agency will only have positive impacts on your business.

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