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Top Tips: Customer Service via Phone Call

written by Business Beetle

Business in general is developing and changing at rapid rates. Included in this is the way that we communicate with our customers. From live chats and chatbots to social media messages, customer service and the methods we’re using to deliver it are advancing and changing. However, at some point clients will require a fast answer with efficient actions. This is where the phone call can never die out, we’ll always need them. So how do we optimise customer service through phone calls?

It’s no secret that businesses who prioritise customer service achieve better results. Surveys dating back 5 years show that customer service central companies conversion rates were on average 11% higher. The number has increased ever since.

We’ve compiled an article with some of our top tips to provide fantastic customer service via phone.

Make calling you easy

We’ve all been there. We put off calling customer service numbers for as long as we can because we simply can’t be bothered with the hassle. There are a number of features you can add to your website and social media channels to make calling you easy.

Add a ‘click to call’ button to your website and include it on every page. This stops your customer having to find your number, remember it or write it down and dial. You can also add a ‘call now’ button to your Facebook page. This will serve the same purpose as the button on your website.

Most people already do this. Add your phone number to your email signature. If your customer receives an email from you and feels that they need to call you, they don’t have to search the web for your number.

Allow your customers to request a call

There’s a chance that your customers will browse your website out of office hours. A lot of people do their ‘life admin’ at night time or whenever it suits them. Of course, out of office hours browsing means that you aren’t available for a call when your customer is on your site. This is where call back widgets come in. They allow your customer to make a request for a call from your team when they will next be available in office hours. This also means you can plan other calls and pieces of work around the requested call.

This shows your customer that you are appreciative of them taking the time to contact you and request a call as well as that you are ready to provide excellent customer care.

Track your calls

Your customers, or potential customers, are calling you because they require an answer from you. They aren’t going to be pleased if they’re bombarded with questions about how they heard about you and why they’ve chosen you. The problem is, you still need to track ROI from your marketing channels and your website. So how are you going to do this without asking your callers?

Automation. Call tracking widgets track incoming enquiries from both online and offline channels. They integrate with Google Analytics and your CRM system to provide you with an in-depth report.

Customer service via the phone still does, and is likely to always, play a vital role in successful businesses. Ensuring customer satisfaction levels will always be contributed to by phone calls.


So next time you oversee the power of a phone call, remember this article and give your customers the same level of attention through phone calls as you would via email or social media.

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