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Top Tips on Building a Long Lasting Office Culture

written by Business Beetle

Culture is not built overnight. It takes patience, sacrifice and vision. It requires that leaders have the passion to improve their organization and to motivate, engage, and inspire their people with more than simply words or perks. Business Beetle have listed our top tips on how you can start to build that much-needed office culture.

Establish Core Values and Goals

You likely have goals for your team, but if your staff members aren’t bought into (or even aware of) those goals, they can be pretty hard to reach. But by bringing the team together, setting goals, and developing a set of values you’ll stick to, you can go a long way in inspiring success.

Genuinely Care

People want to feel appreciated when they come to work. They spend more time at work than being with their loved ones or spending time for themselves. When managers or leaders show concern to their employees, it shows that employers are not only interested in making the sales or increasing the company’s profit margin. Express that you care for the team as well as each individual employee.


Employees deserve the best when they have provided you with the best that they could possibly do. However, if employees are constantly giving you their best, with little gratitude in return then this can lead to negative feelings or burnout on the employee’s part.

Give credit and recognition when it is due, even if it is just a pat on the back or a simple ‘Well done’ email to make their day. Awarding them with small tokens such as vouchers for the employee of the month can also motivate other employees to be better in the near future.


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