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Whatsapp for Business: What you Need to Know

written by Business Beetle

At the beginning of 2018, WhatsApp announced that its new business app was finally available for download on Android. But what are its main features and how can it help those who are running a business?

Well, to put it simply, WhatsApp’s new app is purely designed to be used by business owners. The app provides businesses with a verified business account which allows them to connect with their customers on their personal WhatsApp accounts. This gives businesses the opportunity to provide customer support as well as sending business news and updates. But, how does it compare to other messaging services that are already out there for businesses? Well, WhatsApp’s new business app is completely free, meaning that businesses can keep in touch with their customers at no cost.

As well as all of the standard features, setting up a business account will also allow businesses to build their very own business profile. On the profile, businesses can provide customers with additional information such as a store address, a website address and any other extra details that will help customers get in touch. These sections are very detailed and help to establish the nature of a business on the app. WhatsApp takes verification very seriously as it intends for its new business app to connect customers with honest and trustworthy businesses.

The WhatsApp business app also gives businesses access to a variety of messaging tools. This includes Quick Replies, Away Messages and Greeting Messages. Nowadays, customers expect fast replies to their queries. These handy tools allow businesses to ensure that frequently asked questions are responded to quickly and efficiently. Essentially, giving businesses a virtual ‘reception desk’. All of the messaging tools available on the WhatsApp business app are customisable and ideal for ensuring that businesses can keep in touch with their customers even when they are away.

One of the most important requirements of business technology, is the need to track and record how well your business is performing online. The WhatsApp business app offers statistics and data in order to better understand your customers. Including how they like to interact with businesses, and improvements that can be made based on these metrics. It may be a small feature at the moment, but it’s certainly a useful one.

It’s still early days for the WhatsApp business app. But there seems to be so much potential available for businesses who are eager to try it out for themselves. Looking for more? Read our Technology Must-Haves for Businesses blog for even more technological advice.

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