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Why Employee Inductions Are Important

written by Business Beetle

An employee’s first impressions of an organisation have a significant impact on their integration within the team and their level of job satisfaction. A proper induction program or checklist can ensure your new employee settles in quickly, It will also provide them with the knowledge and support they need to perform their new role.

Your induction should be tailored to different job roles. Consider who the employee will be working with, what their main tasks are and everything they need to know.

Ahead of the induction, collect an employee’s vital information. This could include their ID, National Insurance number, P45 form and proof of address. Receiving essential documentation ahead of the induction means you can hit the ground running. You should also have provided their contract, whether you do this prior to induction or during the same day. Make sure to run through any issues, questions or queries they may have with the contract too.

Employee Induction Checklist

To help you achieve a successful employee induction, we’ve compiled an induction checklist of the key points you should focus on with your new employee:

  • Office tour – Show where the bathroom, kitchen, office spaces and any other important areas are.
  • Introduction to their team & manager – a quick introduction to everyone can help to break the ice
  • Roles and responsibilities – an explanation of what tasks and actions are likely to make up their day-to-day will help ease the new starter into their new working life
  • Office work times and holiday bookings – when does the office open and close? When is their official start and finish time? What is the system for holiday bookings and how much notice do they have to give?
  • Desk & Systems set up– show them where they will be sitting and what equipment they will be using. Show them how to use any equipment or programs which they will need in day to day life.
  • Health and safety procedures – HSE induction for new employees is vital whatever type of environment you work in. Ensure they have adequate instruction and information in potential hazards and emergency procedures such as fire protocol and first aid.

By ensuring you run through a checklist or induction program, the employee will feel welcomed and comfortable within your organisation. They will also find it easier to integrate into the workplace as a good induction programme will help to build the new employee’s self-esteem, morale and sense of motivation.

You want your new employees to fit in with the rest of the team. To ensure that this is possible, maintaining a positive office culture is essential. Read our quick guide on our Top Tips on Building a Long Lasting Office Culture to learn more.

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