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Why you Shouldn’t Neglect Traditional Marketing

written by Business Beetle

In today’s digitally-enhanced world, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the possibilities that digital marketing can offer. But it’s also important to take a step back, and consider some of the tried and tested traditional marketing methods that have given businesses so much success in the years before us. Now, we’re not telling you that you should decide between the two, just that you shouldn’t neglect traditional marketing methods that can still offer you chances of success. Combining methods from both traditional and digital marketing is a great way to take advantage of the best of both worlds and pick the methods that work best for your business.

One of the biggest and most important forms of traditional marketing is one that is really standing the test of time, and is something that every business should have – business cards. Unless you are a giant organisation who has been established for years, chances are you want to spend time increasing brand awareness. Social networking events are still a very popular way for small businesses to meet other business owners and potential new customers, and a business card is a huge part in that initial introduction. If you simply turned up to an event and told prospective customers to “find my business online” without handing them a business card, you could run the risk of them forgetting, or just not following it up because they didn’t like your impersonal approach.

Email marketing is a great method that allows your business to interact with customers who have an interest in your product of service and are happy to receive more information direct to their inbox. A platform such as MailChimp for example, allows you to construct an engaging and eye-catching email, determine who it goes to and when, all with ease and at a relatively low cost. So what’s not to love? Email marketing has far surpassed the traditional form of direct mail marketing and it’s easy to see why. However, modern consumers now have expectations of a personalised experience which can sometimes be difficult to achieve with an automated digital service. So with many organisations ditching direct mail marketing, have a think about whether it’s a method that could work for you. Perhaps you’ve got a list of customers that have abandoned their carts without following through with a purchase on your website. Instead of doing the obvious and creating a digital remarketing list and sending a generic “You’ve abandoned your shopping!” email – why not consider sending a personalised package to them through the post containing offers on the products that they abandoned instead.

Another great form of traditional marketing that is still widely popular and easy to implement, is word-of-mouth. Especially in today’s competitive market, consumers value the opinions of others, and reviews can often be one of the biggest decision-making factors in a customer’s journey. You’re more likely to trust your friend who has recommended the new bar in town compared to someone who walks up to you in the street right? If you’ve got happy customers, encourage them to tell their family and friends. You could offer them an incentive for recommendations or even leaving a review online. This is a great way for you to combine traditional and digital marketing that could lead to real success and get your customers engaging with your business in a positive way that both parties can reap benefits from.

We’ve explored just some of the options that you could delve into when it comes to incorporating traditional methods into your marketing strategy. Just as with digital marketing, not all methods will work for your business and its goals – it’s really important that you take time to determine what you are wanting to achieve and choose the methods that are best going to help you achieve those goals. Don’t exhaust your efforts trying to do a bit of everything as that can often lead to wasted budgets and unsuccessful results. Sit down and take the time to determine the methods that are right for you and then you can focus on perfecting your implementation.

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